Going Back to a Previous Version of a Web Page in Contribute

Sometimes, you just can’t help making a mistake and publishing content to a web page that you didn’t mean to! Either it has spelling mistakes in it or the styling changes don’t look right… whatever!

Contribute has a way of helping you out here, through a feature called Rollbacks. When this is enabled you can restore the page to a previous version, which has been saved in a backup folder.


Enable Rollbacks in Contribute

To enable Rollbacks, go to the Admin panel (see this post) and select the Rollbacks option on the left.

From here you will also be able to specify the number of backup files that you want to keep.  It is set by default to 3 copies of each page you publish or upload, which in most cases should be enough.

Once you have enabled the Rollbacks feature you can use it. It takes your page and adds it to a folder called baks, or backups when you publish it. It continues to store up to the number you specified, a new backup every time you publish.

This is important  – every time you publish your page you delete the oldest backup copy beyond your set number. If you are the kind of person who makes an edit then publishes and repeats this process several times in a session, you need to change the way you work!

Once you enable Rollbacks you need to publish your pages to start saving versions to Roll Back to. Go to the File Menu and choose Actions then drill down to Roll Back to Previous Version…

Roll Back to Previous Version

Roll Back to Previous Version

If you don’t have any backups saved for your current page you will be told that there are no previous versions available. You can repeat this process to restore up to as many versions as you set at the beginning.

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