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We all understand the importance of eating a well-balanced and nutritious lunch at work, yet a healthy lunch is still so often perceived as having to munch your way through your lunch-hour on dry rice crackers and celery sticks! Well, now that The LunchBox Has Landed, they guarantee that your lunchtimes will never be the same again! They understand how busy you are and how easy it is to turn to unhealthy fast-foods or to waste your time standing in long queues, when all you really want is a delicious choice of superior quality, healthy & nutritious lunchbox options delivered fresh to your office every day.

The LuncBox Has Landed website

The LunchBox Has Landed website

The LunchBox Has Landed is a great idea for anyone in a hurry who wants their lunch delivered to the workplace and Designermagic is delighted to have been involved.

The logo, branding and website design were all created by Designermagic using a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and After Effects, with the eCommerce and back-end built by Edmonds Commerce.

An iPhone version of this site is currently in development.

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