Enable Commenting in Adobe Acrobat X

If you work with clients who provide feedback on the PDFs you send over, you may want to ensure that they are able to comment directly on the file itself. Whether they use Acrobat Reader or a full Pro version of Acrobat, commenting is a feature you can enable.

If you produce artwork or forms for clients or employers and output the file from InDesign, Photoshop etc, as a PDF there will be little in the way of commenting options available. By default, in the Comment > Annotations panel only sticky notes and text highlighting will be seen.

In Acrobat X you need to go to the File menu and save the file as a Reader Extended PDF.

enable commenting in acrobat x

Save the file with a revised name incase you need to revert to the original for any reason, as some editing features of Acrobat are disabled once commenting or annotations are allowed. Once you have done this, anyone opening the file in Reader or other versions of Acrobat, will have the full set of Annotation, or comment/editing tools available, along with the Drawing Markups panel which was previously hidden. This is useful for adding text frames, call-out boxes, arrows and other shapes that can be saved into the PDF.


Annotations & Markups

If you are using Acrobat 8/9, the ability to enable commenting can be found under the Comments menu item. Select Enable for Commenting and Analysis in Adobe Reader.


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