Creating Links to Specific Places on a Page in Contribute

Most links that you will create to other pages will go directly to the page themself, starting and loading the content at the top, so you see the whole thing. Sometimes though, you might want your link to take visitors to a specific place on a page, say a sub-heading halfway down and this is simple to do in Contribute.

This type of link is called an Anchor and they are used for adding specific destinations to your links.

To get started, open the page you want to link to and click the Edit button so you can work on it. Scroll to the place you want to link to and then click to place your cursor to the left of the text or image.

Insert Section Anchor

Insert Section Anchor

Go to the Insert menu and choose Section Anchor…

Give the Section Anchor an name and click OK.

A symbol that looks like a flag will appear on the page. Publish your page and go to the page you want to create a link FROM. Again, click the Edit button and go to the place on this page where you want to add your link.

Click on the Link button and from there choose Browse to Web Page…

Creating Links in Contribute

Creating Links in Contribute

In the panel that opens, enter the text you want to use as the link – this will be what people see on the page. Next, enter the page you are linking to. You can click the Browse button to find it easily and ensure the spelling is correct. (If you mis-spell the name of your page, the link will not work.)

There is an area on this panel marked as Advanced options. Click the arrow to reveal what they are. You will see your destination page address next to the HREF box and below that is a drop-menu containing any section anchors you have created. Select the one you want and it automatically gets added to the address, preceded by the # symbol.

Advanced Link Options in Contribute

Advanced Link Options in Contribute

The target frame is where you want your link to open. Default will replace your page with the new one, Entire Page will also load it in the same window. New Window will open the link in a new window! Click OK and publish your page.

Now try out your link and see how this works.

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