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Microsoft Word was never intended for creating artwork for print, but many people have no other DTP (desktop publishing) option and need to save a Word .docx file in PDF format.

There are times when you will need to convert a Microsoft Word Doc to a PDF. It may be that you want to share it in a format that is not so easy to edit, for online use or to supply artwork to a printer.

Many printers will not take Word files because of issues with font handling and the way that layouts seem to reflow all with a mind of their own! So, you will need to convert or save a Word doc as a PDF. Here’s how you can do it directly from Word without the need to use an online file format conversion service.

(This post was originally written by me for convert a word doc to pdf and I am reproducing it here.)

How to Save a Microsoft Word File as an Adobe Acrobat  PDF

I will be using Office 2007 to demonstrate this, but will be using an add-on that can also be used in Office 2003. If you are using the earlier version you will also need Acrobat to be installed on your system. This article will give you more information.

1. Click on the main menu icon:

Microsoft Word main menu icon

2. Go to Save As. If you have already installed the PDF extension, skip to step 8. Otherwise, click the option to Find add-ins for other file formats.

Save As in Microsoft Word

3. This opens a panel where you are given a link to go to a web page and install the add-in.

Install the PDF add-in to Microsoft Word

4. The link opens another instruction that you need to click to get to the add-in.

Install Save as PDF in Microsoft Word

5. Select your language and click the download link.

Download the PDF extension for Microsoft Word

6. Pick any recommended extras if you must, or just click the No Thanks button to proceed to the download.

Select extras

7. Save the file or run it if you want to.

Save or run the download

8. Once the add-in has been installed, go to the main menu button, then down to Save As, where you will see the PDF option. Click this to save your Word doc as a PDF.

Save as PDF option in Microsoft Word

9. Finally, name your file, make sure the type is set to PDF and click the Publish button to save your Word doc as a PDF.  If you need to change the location of the file, you can do that before clicking the Publish button.

Save Microsoft Word file as an Adobe PDF

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