Adobe Updates and Bootcamp

The on-going saga of my failed updates to my Creative Suite 4 software seems to have finally been resolved! However, the fix was not an easy or pleasant one…

The only solution I found was to do with Bootcamp. I had a partition on my Macintosh HD given over to Bootcamp and this somehow had a hand in the problems I have been having. I tried using Erase and Install on OS X with Bootcamp left in place and still could not update the CS4 apps. Finally, I got rid of Bootcamp, ran both CS4 and CS3 clean scripts (as before) aand THEN did the erase and install.

Now, I finally have a working Adobe Suite again. Not sure if other Adobe users have had problems with this, but I literally tried everything before ditching Bootcamp.

All I can say is “Thank you Apple for Time Machine!”

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