Adobe Media Encoder CS4 update

Weird thing this one… Adobe suggested removing all the CS4 Suite and re-installing it.

I ran Disk Utility and repaired permissions on OSX. I also ran Applejack to see if that made any difference.

I then re-installed the CS4 Suite and manually applied the AME updater. The installer ran and updated as expected.

But – and this is a big issue – I was not able to update ANY of the other apps in the Suite. My system told me the updates could not be applied as they were already installed. For example, Photoshop, when opened from my Applications folder in my home directory, shows it as version 11.0. (I get the same version details when I use Get Info in the Finder.) The 11.0.1 updater tells me that it is already installed so can’t install it.

I phoned Apple who suggested doing an entire System install would be an option if Adobe could not explain or suggest anything else. This would be a considerable task that I would rather avoid, with a 500GB drive and a development server on my machine that took some time to set up…

Instead, I decided to use a Time Machine backup to restore my system, pre-AME update. So, the AME update is still not working and I guess I’ll be using After Effects to encode my media unless another solution can be found.

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