About Haiz Design

profile-picI’m a WordPress website and graphic designer living near Alexandra Palace, North London, and trading as Haiz Design. When I’m not designing websites or creating graphics, I teach other people how to use various creative tools, like the Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress.

I spent years retouching and restoring photos, so Photoshop was my mainstay tool of choice for quite a while.

I established the business as Designermagic in January 2001. In June 2010 this changed to Haiz Design because I just want to simplify things and put my own name behind the business.

Although graphic design is still very much a part of my business, I have seem to have evolved into more of a web designer. As the need for WordPress websites grew, I concentrated on learning as much as possible and have become a specialist in this CMS. I still build and code for other applications, but I am really a WordPress web designer.

I use my blog to post some code snippets to help others and also as memos for myself, so it’s a kind of Design Note Pad.

Over the years I have come to specialise in providing visual marketing solutions for small local businesses, where I get to know the people and what they need. I work quickly and this often suits my clients who’s deadlines are normally yesterday! I work with larger organisations and charities too of course!

It is my intention as a web and graphic designer to continually push my own boundaries, in both my understanding and abilities and deliver more than the client expected.

Away from the desk, I play tennis, which is a great relief for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down… I love what I do and enjoy the challenges each new project brings.