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Photoshop CC2018 Curvature Pen Tool

Photoshop CC2018 curvature pen tool

Photoshop CC2018 has just been released and with it comes some new features. One of which is the curvature pen tool. Here is a brief video showing it in use […]

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Flexbox – Align Last Item in Grid To The Left

css3 flexbox grid alignment

Flexbox is great for building 2D grids quickly and easily. It has pretty much replaced the use of the Float property when laying out content. But, one of the issues […]

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MAMP MySQL Not Starting – Quick Fix Solution

MAMP MySQL servers not starting fix

The MAMP MySQL servers can be a tricky thing… I use a mixture of Local by Flywheel and MAMP for my local development work. Sometimes, I have issues when launching […]

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New Website for STEPS Centre Institute of Development Studies

steps centre website

I don’t add portfolio websites as often as I perhaps should. But here’s a site I’m particularly pleased with – the new website for the Institute of Development Studies at […]

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Change Order of Past Events in The Events Calendar Plugin

events calendar wordpress plugin

The Events Calendar is a great calendar plugin for WordPress. It comes in both free and Pro versions and is very flexible. However, by default the events are displayed in […]

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Show Featured Image in Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

WordPress featured images

When you are working with a WordPress theme that relies heavily on the use of a featured image, it is helpful having a visual guide showing where you have used […]

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