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Best Video Setting for YouTube

Having just uploaded a video to YouTube, I got a shock over the quality and the time it took to upload. My original file was a .mov Quicktime movie (YouTube […]

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Type on a Circle in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Plenty of logos feature type that surrounds an object. To achieve this effect, it is placed on a circle and this is easy to do using a vector drawing program […]

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Domain Renewal Group

If you have a website domain name and get a letter from a company called the Domain Renewal Group, read this…

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A website analogy

Many people seem to be confused by the various parts of what is involved in having a website… No wonder – if you are new to concept of having a […]

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Quick Search With Safari & OSX

Here’s a very handy tip that I’ve just come across in an old copy of MacFormat: If you have a block of text in an email, a text document or […]

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